moodyhead ♥


I started to like him,
No, I started to fall in love with him
Each minute
Every time without a miss when he give me a naughty look.
Every time he throwback our moments
Every time he hold my hand
Every time he look at me with a tired face but smile widely for me
Every time I take a deep look at him when he doesnt realize

he is my love that always make my heart beat
but he also
a guy who throw me away with his just one sentence.

My heart is broken.
My heart bleed too much.
It just.. hurt.
For two days, tears are my bestfriend
Thanks God, I have my bestfriends. they are the best blessing I ever have.

to move on from you..
I need to betray them.

You Dont Know How Much I Miss You
I just want to give all this miss-you to you back
I just want to give my feeling to its owner back