moodyhead ♥


As usual, when I have a time, I read his twitter feed.
ALL his feed. *bukan semua dia punya feed aku scroll. just feed dia yg belum aku baca lagi*

and one of them (the feeds)..
had make my finger stop scrolling..
put aside my phone for a moment..
and closed my eyes for a second..
" he just got that 'girl' " - my heart whisper to me

yes. he is.

I open my eyes.. look at the ceiling..
my heart ask me back
"what is this feeling, najeeha ?"

I answered - "nothing"

"yes. nothing.. "
I repeat tht to myself.

I really want to know who that girl is.

ohyeah.. just to ensure he choose the correct one.
kalau tak memang nak kene sepak dia tu. haha gurau.

I guess. this is not jealous feelin'. *seriousssly*
there are nothing I want from him except
to be happy with his choice *smile*
He such a good friend tht I ever have *setakat ni*
ofcourse I want he get the good one too.
A really good girl. *deeplysmile*
I meant it.
and I really meant it.
coz tht alwys my wishes for you everytime perasaan 'tetiba-teringat-kau' datang. hahaa.
*plis bear with me*

"after all this time ?"

Regards, gee keling. *kenyitmata*